RIS Newsletter - December 8, 2017

Greetings from Rockdale Intermediate School!
Our fourth grade students have been working extremely hard in preparation for the 4th grade program. The program is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13th at 9:00am. Please call in advance to pre-register to avoid wait time and have your badge preprinted.
Congratulations to the Rockdale Tigers football team for making the State Semifinals. In order to run the bus routes and then get all groups to the game on time, we will need to release school early on Friday, December 15th at 12:00pm. 
Christmas Roundup Update - Food collections continued last week. Classes are competing to see which class can collect the most items for families in need. RIS will collect the following:
  • Jello
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Cocoa Mix
  • Canned Chicken
Each item collected is worth 1 point. The class in each grade level with the most points by December 8th will receive a party and movie. Below are the class totals as of today.
  Class Total
Butler 11
Evans 46
Jimenez 14
Johnson 241
VanDyck 26
Ammons 25
Knesek 147
Muston 17
Niemtschk 194
Sibole 31
Vance 47
Flores 134
Smith 76
Pickel 81
McMahon 381
Trotty 76
Willis/Barker 80
Campus Total 1670

Students in the following classes will be treated to a movie and popcorn next week to recognize their efforts: Johnson, Niemtschk, McMahon and Willis.

We look forward to a great week at RIS!

Kathy Pelzel, Principal

Upcoming Calendar Events

12  SHAC Meeting at Intermediate Library, 4pm
  PTO Meeting at RJH, 6pm
13 4th Grade Christmas Program, 9am
14 Winter Wonderland @ RHS, 5-7pm
  Community Pep Rallly @ RHS 7pm
15 Early Release, 12:00pm
Christmas Roundup at KC Hall @ 4:00pm for set up
Christmas Roundup ar KC Hall @ 9:00am for filling boxes and pickup at 5:00 pm
Christmas Roundup ar KC Hall @ 9:00am for deliveries
5th Grade Field Trip - Inner Space Caverns
Early Release for Staff and Students, 12pm
  RJH Christmas Band Concert @ RIS, 8:30am
  Classroom Christmas Parties, 11-11:30am
Dec. 21-Jan 1 Winter Break